yes, it is you yourself.

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Now he got something to start with. He is excited. But how to find the two ‘i’s? However hard the thought he couldn’t figure out which are the two ‘i’s. That happened when he met another saffron clad exactly at the same and time and place he met a saffron clad the other day, a day not long ago, and the saffron clad asked him – at least you know one ‘i’ ?

He replied – yes

Saffron – which one?

He pointed to his body and said – this one.

But the Saffron disagreed – you have begun this inquiry since the death of your Father, when you realised your Father was not the body of the Father which you yourself had cremated at the famous ‘Harishchandra ghat’ as not your real Father. Had that been your real Father you would not have burned it.

This reminder disturbed him. He really got worried. Did i burn my Father?

Now he felt he is back to square one.

As he stood blinking, the saffron clad asked him to check his mind and disappeared.

From the next moment onward he began chasing the mind. Now he could feel that there could be two minds. One mind chasing another mind. One mind looking at another mind which is worried, happy, peaceful.

He felt good. He is reaching somewhere. And he went to sleep. Had dreams. One was scary. That awoke him.

Rest of the night he couldn’t sleep. And now he became more confused. And as if seeking a providential intervention he tried his luck by walking through the market to the beach as he always did to get Lady Luck in his favour. And Lady Luck did strike him. Another new saffron clad accosted him, asked him – in a day how many states of existence you go through?

He counted. One was definitely the present waking state. Then in sleep and in dreams. Three.

Saffron – confirmed?

He – yes. Three.

Saffron smiled and disappeared.

Now he felt, he is stuck with the three states. But now he had work to do.

Analyse the different states of existence.

He wondered why while in a dream when he was very thirsty and literally wandering about hunting for water, the water he had kept beside him before going to sleep wasn’t useful! And again the other day he dreamt of owning up the entire portion of the city but on waking he realised that he didn’t even have an inch of place in that city. And during deep sleep all his worries too slept along with him and rose up alongwith him.

Now his suspicion grew. Somethings aren’t gelling well. Things are patchy. And all his friends who were Nobel Laureates in various sciences washed their hands off from stating anything clear and firm with regards to these topics.

He realised that he has to depend upon the saffron clads for any definitive answers.

That day too he ventured out through the market to the beach and met this saffron clad who told him – find the ‘turIyam’. Before he could ask him for more details handed him a slip and literally ran away and got lost in the surging crowds in the market. But he was happy that he has now a goal to live for – find ‘turIyam’.

Since then he tried his luck meeting more saffron clads. Lady Luck was always kind to him and he did meet new saffron clads whenever the took a walk through the market to the beach. And every time he befriended all of them simply asked him only one thing – did you find ‘turIyam’, the fourth? Before he could ask them how, they all vanished without a trace. Once he engaged a few to stop the saffron clad from running away but to no avail! They were too fast and nimble footed. Becoming cleverer he once got enough people with sacks big enough to catch them the moment they turn around to run. But that time they simply ducked, swirled 360 degrees and simply walked away and got lost in the crowds that surged in the market. Being very influential this time he ordered the markets to remain closed and empty till he completes his walk to the beach. The saffron clads were sadly missing this time giving him heart burns, palpitations and terrible itching all over the body. But his desire to know the ‘turiiyam’ began to become too intense for him to bear.

Next day he decided to not let the saffron clad disappear. He was decisive. So the moment he was joined by a saffron clad he held his hand firmly and repeated the question – how to find the ‘turIyam’? Throwing him out of gear, the saffron clad instead of running away simply hugged him, looked into his eyes and with tears in his eyes, simply confirmed – yes, it is you yourself.

The gravity of that declaration is yet to sink into his psyche. Continue reading

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an instrument of knowledge


The greatest wonder in the world is, as ‘Yudhishtar’ said to ‘Yaksha’ as an answer to his question – countless people die everyday, still  no one is bothered to inquire about the truth. They continue to live as if they are immortal.

Now what if all the people decide to inquire?

Being in the 21st century it’s a matter of seconds as Uncle Google delivers the answers in nanoseconds.

‘Kathopanishad’ fed Google is ready with the answers. It is a four worded answer – make the paradigm shift.

From the false ‘i’ to the real ‘I’.

False ‘i’ is the one in the waking state, dream state, and the deep sleep state. All are familiar with that one’s self who is exclusive to each ‘avastha’ – ‘jaagrat, swapna, sushupti’.

The real ‘I’ is the one which is the same that is there in and through all the 3 states. In fact it transcends even the ‘karaNa sariiram’, the one which survives the final resolution and gets triggered when the new creation begins. 

Having known the ‘I’ the question is what is the relationship between that real ‘I’ and the fake ‘i’ ? 

The only way to explain the false ‘i’ is that it is being superimposed on the real ‘I’. Exactly like the unreal dream is superimposed upon the relatively real ‘waker’. 

Having made this paradigm shift, the question one may ask is – once the present set of human beings, the fake ‘i’ s are shifted to the real ‘I’, will there be a manifested universe? The ‘shastRa’ says – yes, until the triggered ‘pRArabdhmas’ linger.

After that?

Once all the triggered ‘pRArabdhams’ too are depleted then there is no more ‘pRArabdhams’, i.e causes existing to get triggered. 

What will be there then?

Only the ‘SELF’ without the pronouns – mine, yours, theirs etc.

To get more clarity, ask oneself :- 

1. after gaining the knowledge of the ‘rope’ will the ‘rope snake’ continue ? 

2. after waking up will the dream world continue as real?

3. after knowing that the water body seen at a distance in the desert is a mirage will one continue to see the water?

4. after convinced that the earth is the one going around the sun, will one continue to see the sun rise and set?

But the only question one should ask is – are the Vedas the instrument for this knowledge? If the answer is anything less than a one hundred percent ‘YES’, then it is safer to stay out of this inquiry until that conviction occurs. If one is really serious to get that conviction he may continue to live more consciously, awareful, and intensely by absorbing every bit of life that he considers real and do this with a mental framework of a scientist and thus start eliminating one by one everything that one can with conviction declare that it is not his real self, like seeing a donkey one is doubtlessly clear that the donkey and himself are two separate beings and thus when one sees say a flag mast, it is not difficult to declare once again that he and the flag mast are undoubtedly two different things, and thus eliminate all that one sees and seen as different until one simply cannot negate saying – not this, not this; then , it is the moment from which one should own up that one unnegatable thing as the real SELF and ever remain in that irrespective of the fact that the body mind conundrum is continuing or not. If time permits do have a walk through the Vedas and recognise that it is the same thing that the Vedas too were talking about. Now one may freely without any doubt recommend others – yes, the Vedas are the instrument that confirms the knowledge of the ‘SELF’. 

This will be the greatest moment in one’s life. 

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3 ways of Life


There are, one may say, three ways to carry on with life. 

First is the way most people live. It is called, ‘simply living’. Doing things as it comes. Both pleasure and pain. 

Having lived thus for some time he starts thinking. It’s about increasing pleasure and avoiding pain. Later, this becomes a very serious affair and begins as avoiding pain at all costs and somehow retain and increase the life span of happiness. He desperately works on this front and becomes totally exhausted and tired with no end in sight. The dark tunnels continue to appear one after another with a brief solace of sunlight in between.

That’s whenhe starts thinking very seriously – could i be in the wrong path? Are there other paths where things are more hunky dory? This is the third way he slowly gets on to. Here his attention falls on the five aspects of life that need to be understood – ‘jiiva, jagat, isvara, bandha, moksha’ and ‘sadhana’.

Let us look the plus and minus points of the 3 ways.

An interesting thing we observe is that in all the three the world continues to remain as the ‘world’. The reason is that the ‘world’ is the ‘samashti pRArabdham’ form of the entire beings. Meaning the ‘world’ is there not just for that one single being, person, but for the entire beings. Hence ‘changing’ the ‘world’ is only a ‘mirage’ whereas ‘changing oneself’ could be a fact. 

So the first stage is where one is simply in the receiving end. Accepting the ‘world as it is. No questions, no inquiry. Nothing. Just going through. The brain is in sleep mode. This is almost similar to the life of non-human beings. They have only one goal, survive. Fight if necessary. So al the actions are oriented towards that survival instinct. That’s why some wild animals do not attack when they are not hungry and are not felt threatened. Most of the human beings too live their life similarly. The problem of this way of life is that they practically lost the rarest of births, the human birth, to naught. The only life that could have earned eternal freedom, peace and happiness. The main issue here is that of making use of that unique gift of human beings – ‘availability of a window of ‘free will’ . Why most refrain from doing that is because it calls for ‘critical thinking’ which is considered a ‘difficult’ proposition. Most do not want to face the prospect of being a loser. Be in a situation that calls for ‘change’, another important situations most choose to avoid. As the saying goes, a familiar devil is comfortable than the unknown angel. Suffering, most feel are bearable than looking for a solution. The thought that, if doesn’t work, keeps people to maintain status quo. These very important traits of the majority makes things easier for the manipulators to herd humans towards achieving their goals. And all the conflicts we see in the world are only the fights between those manipulators. And not between the majority who have already become frigid in the choice of the ways of their life. These people, one can’t blame if someone calls them as first timers as humans.

Having lived in multitude births as a human, their experiences must have slowly started to knock off their inertia of unresponsiveness. The brain slowly wakes up and glimpses the window of ‘free will’ through which they see choices. Thus from a state of condemnation they smell hope along with hopelessness too. They also sense the presence of the Damocles’ sword of ‘fate’ as going against their choices of ‘free will’. Thus they learn to fight and survive and also seek pleasure and happiness at will. It is in this state they invent lots of things. Discover many of the laws that govern the world. In short they have now earned some ability to manage the ‘world’. They can now carve out a world of their own from the world the God has created. The rivers that flow down the mountains are blocked and the water rerouted for irrigation. They learned the art of breaking down things to a level where they explode and effect massive destruction. And he soon realises that things aren’t going in the right way towards eternal peace and happiness. That’s when he turns the inquiry from without to within. One can call them as veterans in the ways of the world. They are now doubting their chosen path of life and are eager to explore within their hearts to find more longstanding solutions for the problems of life

Thus they embark in the journey of the spirit, relegating the material behind. 

Unlike the first two ways, which we shall now refer to as 2 stages of life, this 3rd is more calm and less hurried. Now the heart retains its rhythm. The breath is steady. Walk is more firm. World is slowly losing its power on the person. He chooses. Decides. More comfortable when alone. It’s not loneliness but time for contemplation. For quiet study of the scriptures. The search for a Guru finds its fruition. And slowly slowly the veil of ‘mAya’ drops and the TRUTH gets to be revealed. The process of ‘shravaNam, mananam, nidhidhyasanam’ kicks in leading to the simple realisation that there is only ONE TRUTH and that TRUTH happens to be one’s own SELF alone without another. The beauty is that the world continues to remain the same but now it is not a thing outside of one but is only one’s own self. This when equated with what the Great Sage YAnjavalkya taught his wife MaitReyi – ‘aatmanstu kaamaaya saRvam pRiyam bhavati’ – brings in a smile on his face, who is now a wise man, a ‘jnAni’.

Having seen the 3 stages in the life of a human, one can be rest assured that every human will certainly touch the zenith of realisation one day in the cycle of births and deaths that all these were only a dream of himSELF, the super waker. And for those who get a glimpse of this possibility at any time of his  / her lives, the ‘Guru’s presence can be felt in an instant. All that he / she will have to do is hold the Guru’s hand until the goal is reached. 

The famous ‘mantRa’ from Kathopanishad may well be remembered here:’utthishtata jaagrata pRApyavarAnnibodhatakshurasya dhAra nisita duratyayaduRgam patastat havayo vadanthi’

Continue reading
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Snippets from Kathopanishad

Bhagavan has sumptuously lifted verses, some even bodily from ‘Kathopanishad’ compared to the other Upanishads. No doubt being not only the author of ‘Brahma Vidya’ but being the very ‘Vedas’ themselves, ‘HE’ has all the freedom to do so. 

One reason for using ‘Kathopanishad’ so extensively is perhaps this Upanishad has more to say to the general public than the other Upanishads. Also, may be, Bhagavan expects Arjuna’s next destination to be similar to that of Nachiketas. But in Arjuna’s case, we all know that it didn’t happen exactly so in his present lifetime. He continued his princely life and didn’t follow ‘JnAna Yoga’ seriously. In BG itself Arjuna had raised this doubt in verse nos. 6.37, 38*. Hence we can infer that ‘Gita’ wasn’t exclusively served to Arjuna but is for all mankind, and especially to those who want to live a ‘dhARmic’ life and are looking for answers to the topics of  – ‘jiiva, jagat, Isvara, bandha, moksha’ and ‘sadhana’. 

Nachiketas, the protagonist of ‘Kathopanishad’,  was such a ‘mumukshu’. 

That ‘s why when the Lord of Death, ‘Yama DhaRma RAja’ offered him the stars and moon to deflect him from his questions regarding the ultimate ‘TRUTH’, of things beyond death, questions about the ‘absolute reality’, ‘brahman’, Nachiketas gave the reply in ‘MantRa’ no. 1.1.26 – ‘svobhaava….nRutyagIte’. 

Simply put, the ‘mantRa’ says – Oh Lord, keep all those things with ‘You’ only, as those are only for sense gratifications. And as time passes the senses lose their vitality. I have no interest in them at all. And however long the life can be, it is nothing compared to what i am seeking for – ‘amRutattwam’, immortality.

This is a very powerful message we will have to keep reminding ourselves as we tiringly run behind the world and its objects in search of happiness. As Nachiketas, if only we too could recognise that the world is nothing but a dry bone with not even an iota of meat, happiness, in it.

Thus Nachiketas’s steadfastness prevailed upon the Lord, and HE began his teachings of ‘Brahma Vidya’.

A key ‘mantRa’ – 1.2.2 – ‘shreyascha….vRuNIte’ – is the most secret revelation that every person shall apply as life presents itself in every moment to us. The mistake most do is by choosing the ‘pReyas’, the delectable, pleasurable ones, the ones that provide immediate sense gratification. But the intelligent ones select the electable, the ‘shreyas’. Thus by choosing, ‘pReyas’, the ‘mAya’, one is taken far into life, in merriment, amusements, and a sense of pride with ownership and attachments and finally ‘mAya’ leaving them in lurch, in the cesspools of ‘samsAra’. ‘MAya’ simply disappears! Like the ‘Pied Piper’, they are verily driven to destruction. 

Whereas the ones who chose ‘shreyas’ are liberated from the ‘sorry-go-round’ of ‘samsAra’. He ‘wins’ and the other, sadly ‘loses’. Hence the Lord recommends- choose wisely.

The warning in ‘MantRa’ no. 1.2.6 – ‘ na samparaayah….aapadhyate me’ – is more than enough for any intelligent person to drop ‘mAya’ like a hot potato and runaway. Due to our passionate love for the world we remain ignorant of the real reality. We ignorantly remain deeply engrossed in the ways of the worldly life, not knowing about the wherewithal of the hereafter and not even realising the fact that we continue to remain entrapped and bound in the cycle of birth and death. The warning this ‘mantRa’ gives is so grave that no human can afford to ignore it. 

Will anyone knowingly embrace even a day’s stay in a notorious jail? Then what to talk of a never ending stay behind bars !

And for a ‘jnAni’, the Lord says fearfully – even me, the Lord of Death, is only a pickle in his grand feast as he devours the entire universe, both manifested and unmanifested ! (‘mantRa’ no. 1.2.25)  In fact this is a statement of fact glorifying the ‘jnAni’. In a way we can call it an ad. One for ‘aatma jnAnam’.

After the famous ‘raDha kalpana’ (chariot imagery) in ‘mantRas’ 1.3.3 and 4 the Lord gave a glimpse of the ‘knowledge of the SELF’ which he revealed to be the most difficult to attain in the famous ‘mantRa’ 1.3.14 :- 

‘utthishtatha jaagrata pRaapya varaannibhodata
kshurasya dhaara nisita duratyaya
duRgam patastat kavayo vadanthi’

And it is difficult because that ‘SELF’, which is the real ‘self’ of all beings, is :- 

‘asabdamaspaRsamaroopamavyayam tadhaarasam nityamagandhavacchayatanaaDhyanantham mahatah param Dhruvam nichayya tanmRutyumukhaat pRamuchyate’.(‘mantRa’ no. 1.3.15)

Know that ‘SELF’ and save oneself from the claws of ‘Death’, said ‘Yama DhaRma RAja’ to ‘Nachiketas’.

The kind Lord also gave the reasons for our continuation in ‘samsAra’ and a way to liberate ourselves and be eternally free in ‘mantRa’ no. 2.1.1 – ‘paraanchi….icchan’ – be that ‘dhIra’ who reversed the outgoing senses (the ones that keep one chained) inward. It is akin to not just swim against the tide but reversing the flow, say, of the mighty Ganges itself. That is the power of the ‘dhIrah’, the one who has gained that wisdom of the ages.

And through the many ‘mantRas’ of the Upanishad the Lord taught Nachiketas, the ‘secret of all secrets’, ‘aatma vidya’ by clearly saying – ‘etat vai tat’ – ‘this indeed is ‘THAT’. 

Gaining this ‘jnAnam’ and having the ‘re-cognition’, ‘pRatyabhijna’ is the ONLY purpose of a human birth. Nothing is more embellished than this. That is, all the rest are only the means which we mistakenly believe and pitches as the ‘real’ and ‘nityam’, the end goal. Whereas in reality it is a ‘mithya’ ‘experience’ that the ‘pRaarabdham’ inevitably serves to everyone. The ‘Law of ‘kaRma’, ’cause and effect’, is catching up. Every bit of one’s life is his own making, his own children that have come either to give him pain or pleasure as the ‘laws’ deemed it. What Bhagavan does is, simply, oversee the fact that the ‘laws’ work equitably, fairly and justly. We call it painfully, ‘thaleleshuthu’, ‘vidhi’, fate etc. 

Some tweaking is possible through some ‘pRadhividhis’, but really speaking is not ever worth the effort. Instead, pray to Bhagavan to give all the strength to overcome all those ‘pRaarabdham’ and help come out a winner.

PS: Being ‘Gurudevs’ is a reason we have to study this great Upanishad because of its closeness with Bhagavan’s ‘Gita’, the ‘Bhagavad Gita’.

*what will happen to all the spiritual study I do but dies / deviates without attaining ‘jnAnam’. (Perhaps Arjuna had this intuition that he may not make it in this ‘janma’).

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Like a bolt out of the blue he suddenly woke up in the dark. He later said that it was at that moment he truly realised that he and his body, mind, intellect, the rest of the world were all different from him. He corrected immediately that it was he who distinctly became aware of the empirical difference between him and all things that are not him. His claim included his own body, mind and intellect and hence his friend thought, being so, all that he had said about his intense love for me and all are b.s. She got up packed her baggage and left in that darkness, probably not really knowing where to go initially and then following her natural instincts she clambered on to the direction towards her Mother, whom she suspected to have with certain amount of certainty as otherwise she would not have got a body and the consequent mind and intellect. As far as he is concerned all these later events after recognizing his distinctiveness from everything that is NOT him was of any consequence except when he found this scrap of paper that flew ahead of him while walking across Times Square a little ahead of the arrival of the New Year and he literally had a hell of a time to catch it in that reveling crowd. But that piece of paper literally made his life which he was taking by being born and dead again and again since the beginning less time. 

And the beauty is that he had the marvelous broadmindedness to publish the contents of that piece of trash paper to the entire universe and multiverse that it helped all humans that existed at that point of time to have the recognition that they are truly not what they thought they are but they are really the one that thought what they are and saw themselves exactly as the ones who are having a dream, and not the ones in the dream. 

The instant peace that dawned to the entire universe and multiverses were so profound that Creation paused for a moment and waited with bated breath, that triggered no more ‘karmaphalams’, effects of actions, for the creation to go in for one more round of creation. 

And he woke up and recognised his friend sleeping beside him and she was as beautiful as ever. But now he knew that it was him and only him all over. 

First thing that he did the next morning was to rush to the public library famed for it collections of the greatest scriptures of the world , namely, the Upanishads. He took one by one from the shelves until he arrived at the ‘mantRa’ no. 4.5.7 of ‘BRihadAraNyaka Upanishad’ – brahma tam paraadaat….idam saRvam yadayamaatma’.

NB: Just google the ‘mantRa’ and recognise (pRatyabhijna). That’s it. Period.

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‘yat yat drishyam tat tat jadam’

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They met outside the Flagstaff station on a Sunday morning when both of them had brought their children to enjoy the Flagstaff garden, play around there a bit, and by noon, move to Swanston Street for an elaborate lunch at their favourite jaunts and catch the return train from Flinders.

But things didn’t exactly go that way.

They were meeting after a very long time. They went to the same school. Played different games but always hung around together. Especially when they used to go for outstation athletic championships. Even for quiz contests. Painting and similar visual and graphic arts were their passion.

Even as they were reminiscing, one among the two, OATT, asked the other – hey, are you aware of this equation?

The other (TO) – which one?

– ‘That Thou Art’

– it’s crazy

– but i attempted

– how can that ever be!

– the problem is with the ‘Thou’ part

– yes

– too many ‘i’s

– right

– if we analyse the ‘Seer’ and the ‘Seen’, we can sort it out

And thus they went on sorting out the ‘seer’ and the ‘seen’. In the Flagstaff garden they saw many people, trees, plants and flowers. All those were seen by their eyes which were ONE. Between them one had trouble with the eyes due to extreme lack of sleep but the eyes were perfect till the other day and will be back to normal after a day or two. These many conditions, changing status of the eyes were recognised by ONE mind. On closer study they understood that the different conditions of the mind – excited, bored,anxious, depressed etc – were known to the ONE intellect in the brain. And this brain, by itself was inanimate as it was seen in dead bodies also. Thus they recognised the ultimate lender of consciousness which was the same in all people remaining unchanged and alert all the time, even when they were in deep sleep when every other organ except the ‘pRANa’ stays resolved; and which is proved by our memory of a good sleep after we wake up from the sleep.

And that ‘i’, they understood is different from all the ‘i’s they carry during transactions.

By the time they completed the inquiry it was too late to travel all the way to Swanston Street, instead they chose to go to the nearby Victoria Market to quickly grab as much and as different types as they want as all of them, especially the children were all very hungry.

Before they separated on their ways, the other, TO, asked him, OATT, do you have any reference book? He immediately whatsapped him – ‘DRik DRusya Viveka’ aka ‘DRg DRsya Viveka’.

NB: They even hoisted a ‘vyapti’ – ‘yat yat drishyam tat tat jadam’ – which guarantees the TRUTH of conclusion

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2=1 and 1=many


The day her parents who were the lenders to the entire universes, all 14 of them, which included all types of heavens and hells and abodes of all the gods and goddesses informed her of the boy who was coming to see her as a part of their search for a good groom for their little princess, she had made a very elaborate background study and about the past of the boy since the beginning less time and was ready with a folder that spanned, perhaps even larger that space itself .  As she felt that such vast information is too much to be of any purpose she condensed the whole thing in to his final attitude towards life – whether it was ‘dvaitic’, ‘vishishtadvaitic’ or ‘advaitic’.

On the D-day the Boy arrived with much pomp and splendour never seen before. The Girl’s family thought their entire standing itself is taken over by that one event and felt a bit jittery to go forward with that alliance. But they couldn’t afford to show any displeasure as the Boy’s family were their largest borrower and to top it all their borrowing from them was though only a minuscule which they can afford to terminate just at a snap of their fingers, but any dent in prestige always was unacceptable to them. So they chose to lie low.

All these issue but were of no concern to her as she didn’t want to marry someone without clearly understanding their ultimate attitude towards life.

So without the knowledge of others she organised to check this part by testing him once he enters her part of the palace complex which was very private.

Once the Boy’s party was welcomed ceremoniously and got well settled in the palatial guest wing of the Palace, message was sent to the Boy to proceed to meet the Girl. And it was made clear that the meeting shall take place between the two alone without any interference, presence of others or with any types of conditions and encumbrances. The Boy too expressed happiness in this offer and started to walk towards the Girl’s wing all by himself.

Later after the marriage and ceremonies were over the closed circuit camera was checked to view the Boy’s walking towards the meet and it was found that he was walking as if having springs on his feet. The experts termed it as showing extreme confidence. Once he entered the private area where the security camera didn’t have access, she had arranged for a few frightening situations. This area was specially fitted with high end equipment to capture the Boy’s reactions and responds that can can only be viewed by the Girl.

And as he entered, a fire spewing dragon attacked him. Surprisingly he showed no element of any fright. Instead he expressed amusement. In the next a hoard of wild animals literally pounced upon him from all sides. This time too he showed extreme composure. A little further a bunch very cruel looking thugs attacked him with the clear intention of murdering him and cutting his body into a million parts. The way he calmed them and survived the attack was a feast to the eyes. Finally was the garden like in the heaven filled with the heavenly beauties who did all the tricks to attract him. He came out unscathed. And as he opened the door at the end of a tunnel he was faced with an explosion that was almost similar to that of the Big Bang. Though he did close his ears to reduce the intensity of the sound and secure his ear drums he least showed any symptom of any inability to bear the situation.

And as the blinding light of the explosion started to come back to normal he struggled with his eyes to adjust to the change but soon was happy to see the Girl, whose beauty surpassed his dreams too.

Girl – welcome

Boy – what were you testing me for?

Girl – your guess

Boy – from the Body’s perspective those attacks were real

Girl – any other perspective?

Boy – from that of the ‘Atma’ it was simply not there at all

Girl – what is your take on me?

Boy – the same

Girl – are we two separate ones?

Boy – both

Girl – if i let you become one

Boy – after the marriage ceremonies?

Girl – now itself ?

Boy – the body has to follow the ‘samskaara’

The Girl giggled and vanished into the interiors of her chamber. And as even she left the room a thumbs up sign was lit in front of him asking him to choose. Smiling he hit the ‘yes’ button and the entire sky was lit with the thumbs up sign, and the entire universe erupted in the sound of extreme happiness and joy.

Perhaps that event had the seed of the now famous pictures of  ‘ARdhanArIswara’, where TWO is ONE, and also that of the ‘RAsaleela’ where ONE showed up as  MANY.

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‘jnanam’ at the pergola


Having ‘known’ her real ‘i’ she insisted in finding the false ‘i’ that has been tormenting her since time immemorial. For this she declared closure of all her services to the family and retired to the pergola in the garden.

She enumerated the knowledge she gained as follows:

The ‘swayamprakaasachaitanyam’ is everywhere, all the time.

Like the mirror, because of its polished reflective surface, reflects the sunlight, the ‘brain’ which is insentient, becomes sentient in the presence of the ‘avichinna chaitanyam’.

The ‘buddhi’ is a product of the ‘pRArabdham’.

Thus this active ‘buddhi’ assumes the illumining power of ‘suddha chaitanyam’ and acts as the ‘self’.

Since the ‘brain’ is an integral part of the body, like the iron ball when associates with fire assumes the qualities of fire namely the light and heat, the body also becomes sentient. In short the ‘buddhi’ with the ‘aabhaasa chiatanyam’ gives ‘life’, sentiency, to the body. And wonder of wonder, ‘i’ assumes as all these as my own glory. Here she recognised the ‘my’ as the ‘buddhi’ with the ‘chidaabhaasa’ and not the real ‘i’ which is ‘avichinna chaitanyam’, the one who is ‘saakshi’ which is the ‘suddha chaitanyam’ when doesn’t have the supposedly ‘sakshi’ role to play. The ‘original consciousness’, OC, being eternal and all pervading is by itself ‘nirvikaaraha’ and also ‘apRameya’, the one which can never be objectified, never a ‘pRameya’.

And thus in one shot, she realised that the entire show is nothing but a delusion which need not be a concern at all as it simply doesn’t have a reality of its own.

Thus she returned home to resume her role as a ‘vyavahaari’, a ‘jIvAtma’, though essentially she is ‘ParamAtma’ and truthfully simply ‘Brahama’ aka ‘atma’ and more truthfully, not even that as there is no other thing than IT to even name it so.

Seeing her blissful state all throughout, the rest of the family requested her to reveal the book she studied while in the pergola. As the most compassionate she said – ‘DRik DRusya Viveka’ aka ‘DRg DRsya Viveka’.’

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world, a jail !


It was the most unusual case ever filed in the court. When the case came up for hearing the Judge was stunned to bits and didn’t know how to proceed. Since the matter mentioned was of the gravest nature he was literally like between devil and the deep sea. He had never sweated like that before. Wetting his entire gown of a judge the sweat began to flow on to the floor which the court assistants found it hard to mop as the flow happened to continuously increase the output. Finally the Judge collapsed and taken away in an ambulance to the nearest hospital. Once there he was put into saline drops and showed indications of regaining consciousness. But the problem was that the moment he wakes up the case matter comes up in his mind and he immediately faints and loses consciousness.

The story became the headlines of all media and the Government had to convene a special Cabinet meeting to discuss the issue on a priority basis. As the issue was tabled all those who had gathered there didn’t have a clue whatsoever on the issue. But due to the word – ‘killer’ – the matter was considered to be very heavy.

And finally when they were all exasperated, one among the Cabinet Minister while stading at the window looking out and down at the street below saw an ochre robed ‘sannyasi’ walking with a trail of urchins and dogs behind him. He immediately ordered the Cabinet Secretary and go and fecth him, which was duly done.

At the table the ‘Sannyasi’ was seated with due respects and the case was presented.

Hearing the case, he started to laugh bellyful. The entire Cabinet didn’t know what to do. And the laughter continued with more and more gusto and was soon followed it up by all the persons in the room. As the din reached such a crescendo the laughter spread beyond the room and encompassed the entire nation.

Arriving fast into that melee was the Judge who was the most eager and anxious to figure out a remedy.

As the entire world stood in obeisance to the ‘Sannyasi’, he contained his laughter and said – yes, every one who believes in transactions as real are deemed to be the ‘killer of ‘aatma”.

Cabinet Ministers spoke in a chorus – that means the entire world has to be converted into a jail!

Sannyasi – it already is.

Cabinet Ministers asked in a chorus – the most respected, please be kind enough to show us a way out.

Sannyasi in his ‘adveshta’ (ever helpful) style dictated the first two ‘mantRas’ of the ‘Isa Upanishad’ and simply vanished from the scene. The world became stunned watching the event but rose up to the occasion by demanding the Governments to enact laws that will facilitate the people to either attain ‘videha mukthi’ or ‘kRama mukthi’.

NB: Doubts persists on whether people can be made ‘jnAnis’ by enacting laws !Well, imponderable are the ways of action,’gahana kaRmaNo gatiH’, says Bhagavad Gita.

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lived happily ever after.

Image result for lived happily ever after.

Both the bride and groom with their parties arrived in the venue at the allotted time. And the guest filled the auditorium and started to spill all over. The ‘purohit’ who is conducting the marriage ceremony were ready with the stage all set. And the ‘muhurat’ was fast approaching. That’s when many noticed some unease and tension among the families. This investigator, an invitee from both the parties, soon inquired, prepared a brief and sent it to his very very high net worth clients to tickle their sensory pleasures. Someone leaked the same to a leading tabloid who used these informations and most of  the time made a kill by either drawing a huge ransom from the affected parties or by publishing it by selling ad spaces at unprecedented costs.

In this case as the parties were very powerful, the Bride’s being the richest and the Groom’s the most powerful, the tabloid couldn’t encash the golden opportunity. As a revenge in frustration they dumped the message in the bin. One among the town urchins who had an eye on matters like these picked up the message from the bin and excitedly gave to his well wisher who innocently shared here as he found the subject talked about in it is of utmost importance to all those who are seekers of ‘SELF KNOWLEDGE’, the knowledge of one’s real identity.

The Brief


The Bride all on a sudden refused to budge from the Bride’s cabin to proceed to the stage for the marriage ceremony. She simply sat tight and all coercion and prodding simply didn’t work. Finally her closest friend and confidante was searched for in the audience, which created a flutter among the people and the rumour mongering flared up left and right. Everybody was on the toes, even concluding that the marriage is called off by the Groom and his party as they suspected the Bride has undiagnosed issues suspected to be concerned with the spirit and hence not suitable for being a spouse.

As the Groom’s party was high on this rumour the Bride’s Mother came out with the TRUTH. She, it seemed, announced to the inner circle that the Boy had sent a message which at the very outset itself was insane and was symptomatic of an unsound mind.

By now the Bride’s best friend and confidante started bilateral discussions and found it difficult arrive at a reconciliation.

That’s when a powerful member in the audience noticed a saffron clad passing by the venue hurriedly. He immediately ran to him, prostrated and pleaded for an intervention and a speedy resolution of the issue as lots of stuff was at stake and the ‘muhurat’ was fast approaching too. Very reluctantly he came and sought the issue.

Hearing the case the saffron clad had a hearty laugh.

He called the Groom and asked him – why in the heavens did you send this message to your Bride, of all the people? And at the most inappropriate time!

Groom sat blinking.

When the matter was discussed with his Father, the cat came out. He admitted that he was the person behind the message and he said the reason was to see that the Bride’s family, being the wealthiest in all the worlds, did not ask for a large ‘Bride price’, as he was too honest and truthful and hence literally penniless, even though he held all the powers of all the worlds. Saying this he started to sob and then cry intensely. Seeing this the Bride’s family took pity upon him and started hushing up the issues and got ready for the marriage. But the Bride remained adamant as she needed clarity on the message.

For this the Bride was brought to the saffron clad, made to prostrate, seek blessings and wait for his answer.

He called the Groom and the Bride and their families and explained thus – the message sent by the Groom to the Bride is the first ‘mantRa’ of the Upanishad – Isaavaasyam. The verse magnificently reveals the TRUTH which I agree is not easily understood. Infact when read literally it certainly looks wacko. It is good that you have got to know the correct meaning though a bit unwittingly but certainly by the grace of God. Dear boy and girl as you are stepping into the world of ‘grihasthaashrama’ it is the best protection that you can take against all odds that will show up in the course of lives as the seasons change in the year. Know that the entire duality you perceive is ‘mithya’ and hence sublimate it and enjoy the same as ‘Brahman’ which is none other than you yourselves.

Saying this much the saffron clad got up blessed them and walked away. As he was hastening his pace the Bride and the Grom ran behind him and asked for his visiting card. The saffron clad laughed heartily and showed up the entire space as his abode and at the right time will appear to them to take them to the next ‘aashrama’ namely ‘vaanapRastham’ and later to ‘sannyasa’.

The marriage took place at the ‘muhurat’ itself and they and the audience lived happily ever after.

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henchmen of Yama

Image result for crouching  figures at night

Having a lived a life of extreme satisfaction both of them were getting ready to welcome death when it will keep its appointment, but by when is to this day remains a mystery. But the couple were not worried at all as they have accepted the event as something unavoidable and quiet natural.

As age had literally gone over them, at times sleep was hard to come by. So on some days they were left to lie awake for major part of the night. Since this insomnia was more for the man he sometimes chose to sit on the chair on the veranda and watch the night as it passed in its dark, ominous and mysterious way.

Once when he was awake and noticed the deathly silence he suspected movement near the window. He immediately shone the torch and the sound stopped immediately. Since he became curious the insomnia continued keeping him awake for a longer time. That’s when he heard the sound again and it stopped the moment he shone the torch.

When this was repeated in many more nights he decided to check it for himself. So that night he didn’t shine the torch instead tiptoed to the window to look out. He saw a crouching figure which as covered from head to toe and was holding something in his hand. He immediately lit the torch and tried to see its identity. But it had gone. So he thought that it could be an apparition he is seeing and experiencing. May be the effect of insomnia. On most of the time he didn’t remember it at all. And didn’t tell his wife too.

Sooner his insomnia became acute and thus stayed awake more nights than usual. By now these nocturnal disturbances became so frequent that he simply didn’t forget them during day time and remembered to discuss it with his wife.

And that night and subsequent nights she joined him in unraveling the mysterious movements near their window in the dark. As the lady, in spite of her very advanced age, still had her eyesight as powerful as ever, found the creepy figures as it showed some familiarity with some popular icons representing death.

As it happened that during the same period they had an eminent guest who was the Head of a famous ‘Sannyasi Math’ from Rishikesh. As conversation veered around things beyond life, the couple mentioned about the sightings at night. The ‘Sannyasi’ became curious and agreed to stay back and have a look at it by himself.

And that night it was raining heavily. They suspected that those beings may not turn up. And the night was becoming longer. As they were disappointed and about to retire to their rooms, she saw the figures, this time, many in numbers. The Saintly person too saw the figures and confirmed that they were none other than the agents of the Lord of Death Yama DhaRma RAja.

In their over enthusiasm they lit the torch and the entire scene vanished into the dark night.

Having seen the death at close quarters the team was excited and was sure that the sleep has left them for rest of the night. So they gathered in the living room.

He – so Swamiji, what could be the reason why they are still hiding.

Swamiji – the reason that they are coming to a wrong place and time do not arise as ‘DhaRma’ is meticulous. In fact if ‘DhaRma’ itself wavers, nothing will be left in the Universe in order. Chaos and confusion will be the rule of the day.

She – then is it because of the fact mentioned in ‘mantRa’ no. 1.2.25 of ‘Katopanishad’?

Swami Ji laughed heartily and told them – both of you are blessed for having studied the ‘PRasathAna tRayam’ as per the ‘sampRadAya’.

Hearing this she brought out from the drawer a bunch of ‘Thank You’*notes and showed it to Swami Ji. He was thrilled to bits and said to himself – how great would it have been if more and more people had studied and followed the words of BhaRtRuhari in his ‘VairAghya Satakam’ !

(Since the rest of the story doesn’t carry anything meaningful it is better to call it quits and save everybody’s time)

* Verse no. 100 of ‘BhaRtRuhari’s ‘VairAghya Satakam’

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